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Unprinted ready for shipment packaging

Aluminum and kraft paper based stand-up pouches

Stand-up pouches, with reclosable zip and degassing valve, ensure an excellent stability thanks to the bottom base. The doypack bags are versatile and ideal to pack a wide variety of products.

Stand-up pouches, manufactured with high barrier laminates, preserve the organoleptic properties, protecting the product from oxygen, humidity, heat and UV rays. The stand-up pouches are ideal for food, such as coffee, chocolate, powdered premixes, dried fruit, pet food and much more.

  • Starting from 650 pieces of stand-up pouches
  • Doypacks available in aluminum and kraft paper
  • Shipment within 48-72h

Unprinted stand-up pouches

Which type of stand-up are you looking for?

We offer two types of reclosable barrier stand-up pouches: choose the one that best fits your requirements and products, such as food (coffee, products, in grains, chunks or powder), pet food or others.

Reclosable aluminium based stand-up pouches with valve
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Reclosable kraft paper based stand-up pouches with valve
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The one-way degassing valve, developed and first patented by Goglio in the '60s, allows the outflow of gases released by the packed product, while at the same time preventing oxygen from coming into contact with the product. This option is recommended for some products as coffee, since it preserves product freshness and maintains flavour and aroma.

Unprinted ready for shipment packaging

Focus on stand-up pouches

Discover the most frequently purchased stand-up pouches.

Unprinted ready for shipment packaging

Why ordering on Goglio Espress

linea testo a capo

For 170 years Goglio has been next to the customer every step of the whole production and packing process. Choosing us guarantees the result. Thanks to our E-Commerce, small companies requiring small batches can get certified and quality stand-up pouches.

Starting from 650 pieces of unprinted stand-up pouches

The minimum order quantity will depend on the bag type.

Approved for food contact

All our aluminun based stand-up pouches are approved for food contact. When ordering it is possible to make a request for the related FCM (Food Contact Materials) certificate.

High barrier materials

All our aluminum based stand-up pouches, manufactured with multilayer high barrier laminates, protect from oxygen and humidity and grant an optimum shelf life of the product.

Shipment within 48-72h

For the purcahse of unprinted ready for shipment packaging, shipping time starts from the payment receipt.

Free samples

When you do not have an idea of the best format for your product, you can request samples which will be shipped in 24-48h.

Technical support

Our support service is available to suggest the most suitable type of bags and format for your product.

3 reasons to proceed with the purchase

Wide range of products to choose

The stand-up pouches are available in various colors and formats, with or without degassing valve

High level of customization for your stand-up pouches

If you do not find a specific product among our range, we offer tailor-made solutions

Short batches

An offer designed also for small companies which require high quality small batches

A purchase experience that you will never forget!

For 170 years we have been satisfying the requirements of the most demanding customers on the market in terms of guarantee and reliability.

Goglio's high barrier laminates are designed to preserve the properties of the packed product highlighting the shelf appeal. The laminates, supplied in bags, are available in a wide range of shapes and formats.

The one-way degassing valve, applied to the laminate, allows the outflow of gases released by the packed products, preventing at the same time the oxygen from coming into contact with the product.

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Customized packaging

Are you looking for customized bags?

Customize your stand-up pouches.
Thanks to our digital printing technology, it is now possible to include different artwork within one production batch with the same bag format.

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