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Packaging for legumes

Unprinted and customized packaging
for dried legumes

Goglio bags for legumes, manufactured with high barrier laminates, preserve the freshness and the organoleptic properties of dried legumes. Packaging for dried legumes is available both unprinted and with customized printing.

Our bags for dried legumes can fit every packaging need, from those who require unprinted solutions in a short time, to those who want to distinguish through customized digitally printed bags.

  • Wide range of solutions
  • Barrier to oxygen and humidity
  • Approved for food contact
Packaging for dried legumes

Rely on Goglio Espress for your legumes packaging

For 170 years Goglio has been next to the customer every step of the whole production and the packing process. Choosing us guarantees the result. Thanks to our E-Commerce, small companies requiring small batches can get certified and quality packaging.

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Approved for food contact

All our aluminum based bags for dried legumes, both unprinted and customized, are approved for food contact. When ordering it is possible to make a request for the related FCM (Food Contact Materials) certificate.

High barrier packaging for dried legumes

All our aluminum based bags for dried legumes, manufactured with high barrier laminates, protect from oxygen and humidity and grant an optimum shelf life of the product.

Free samples

When you do not have an idea of the best format for your product, you can request sampels which will be shipped in 24-48h.

Technical support

Our support service is available to suggest the most suitable type of bags and format for your product.

Packaging for dried legumes

Most frequently used packaging for dried legumes

All our bags are suitable to pack dried legumes. Discover the gusseted bags without valve; the most frequently used package.

La valvola di degasazione monodirezionale, ideata negli anni Sessanta con il primo brevetto depositato da Goglio, permette la fuoriuscita dei gas rilasciati dal prodotto confezionato, impedendo allo stesso tempo all'ossigeno di entrare in contatto con il contenuto.
L'aggiunta di questo optional è particolarmente indicata per i prodotti che richiedono la pallettizzazione o per cui è necessario preservare la freschezza e le proprierà organolettiche.

Packaging for dried legumes

Focus on packaging for dried legumes

Discover the most frequently purchased bags for dried legumes.

Customized packaging for dried legumes

Customized bags for dried legumes

Do you need customized aluminum based bags? Order them in 2 different ways.

Free packaging samples

Which type of packaging are you looking for?

Our packaging is suitable for packing dried legumes, such as chickpeas, beans, lentils and mixes of dried legumes.
Request samples and run filling tests to identify the correct format and material for your needs.

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