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Customized packaging

Customized bags and pouches

The customized digitally printed gusseted bags or doypack are the best solution to emphasize the shelf look of your packed product.

Our customized bags, manufactured with high barrier flexible packaging laminates, preserve the organoleptic properties, protecting the product from oxygen, humidity, heat and UV rays. Digital printing technology allows to include different artwork within one production batch with the same bag format. Thanks to this service you can create customized gusseted bags and doypack pouches.

  • Variable data printing
  • Technical support for your bags
  • Minimum order: 1000pcs customized bags
Customized packaging

Customized bags and pouches

We offer 3 types of aluminum based high barrier customized bags: choose the most suitable one for your needs and products, such as food (coffee, granulated products, in chunks or powder), pet food and much more.

Thanks to the digital printing technology our customers can print small customized orders and get them in a shorter time when comparing to rotogravure or flexo. Each printing can potentially be done with different elements: colors, languages, graphics, information or unique codes, as anticounterfitting tools. This features offers our customers multiple market opportunities.

Customized packaging

Why ordering on Goglio Espress?

For 170 years Goglio has been next to the customer every step of the whole production and packing process. Choosing us guarantees the result. Thanks to our E-Commerce, small companies requiring small batches can get certified and quality customized bags.

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Variable data printing

Keeping the same format, you can quickly and efficently handle the variable information, such as unique codes, colors, descriptions, graphical elements, information.

Mutiple orders

Thanks to the digital printing technology you can produce, within the same batch, more orders with different graphics, optimizing timing and costs.

Technical support

Our support service is available to suggest the most suitable type of bags and format for your product.

Small quantities

An offer designed also for small companies which require high quality small batches.

Customized packaging

Goglio experience in food and non-food packaging

For 170 years Goglio has been satisfying customer needs in terms of quality and reliability. Discover the packaging solutions that best fit your product.

The most polpular markets

All our unprinted or customized aluminum based bags are suitable for every market sector, from food products (coffee, products in grains, in chunks, in powder or liquid), pet food or detegents, that can be packed under vaacuum, in protective atmosphere, in aseptic or with hot filling technology. The complete Goglio system is suitable for any sector and product.

Main markets

Quotation for customized pouches and bags

Are you looking for a specific format? Please fill in the form below with the necessary data; we will send you an offer within 48h.

  • High customization
  • Micro-batches
  • Technical support
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Unprinted ready for shipment bags

Unprinted ready for shipment bags

Are you looking for a ready for shipment package? Discover our flexible laminates offer.

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