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Customized and unprinted packaging

Unprinted and customized printed flexible packaging

Our aluminum barrier bags are ideal for food products, cosmetics, pet food and much more. Maximize the capacity of unprinted and customized printed flexible packaging with our bags, available in different colors and formats, with or without a degassing valve.

The bags manufactured with flexible packaging laminates, preserve organoleptic properties, such as taste and aroma, and protect products from oxygen, humidity, heat and UV rays. Our flexible packaging with aluminum, available in unprinted or customized printed versions, is ideal for food products, such as coffee, granular products, pet food and much more.

  • High barrier materials
  • Small quantities
  • Technical support
Unprinted ready for shipment bags

Unprinted flexible packaging with aluminum barrier

Our in-stock unprinted package offerings include four types of heat-sealable options with aluminum. Choose the one that best fits your needs to get to packing your product quickly.

Side-gusseted bags

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Stand-up bags

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Flat pouches

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Large format bags

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Customized flexible packaging printed in High Definition

Customized bags for food and much more

Customize your flexible packaging with digital printing. Thanks to our digital printing technology, it is now possible to include different artwork within one production batch with the same bag format.

Maximum flexibility for your packaging

Digital printing technology can meet every packaging requirement, including the ability to use different graphics to change your package design within the same production batch, with no additional costs for printing plates or cylinders.

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Free packaging samples

Which type of packaging are you looking for?

Our bags can meet every packaging requirement. Request samples and run filling tests to identify the correct format and material for your needs.

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